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How Does The Investment Process Work?

The investment process is in 3 stages.
1. You invest money with us.
2. We aggregate funds from micro investors and invest these into real estate projects.
3. We pay our micro investors ROI between 20-50% in four months.
Usually we advise potential investors to calculate with 20% in 4 months, this is higher than interest on a fixed deposit, also higher than CBN bonds. Most of which pay highest 12% in a year.
So let's say you invest 100,000 you'll earn at least 20% ROI in 4 months and have 120,000.

How Is Investing In Provest Better Than Saving My Money In The Bank Or Putting My
Money In Cooperative Organizations?

Money saved in the bank loses value because of inflation, money invested in provest grows. It is financially intelligent investing your money where it will accrue returns, and not to leave your money lying fallow.

Can I Add To An Ongoing Investment?

No, but you can buy several separate packages, these will run concurrently.

How Long Can I Invest

You can invest for 4 months, 6 months or a year, depending on your choice.

When can I withdraw my Capital?

Capital is only withdraw-able after the contractual period of 4 months, 6 months, or a year depending on the package portfolio you are on.

How Do I Withdraw Money From Provest?

You simply use the payment button on your dashboard which immediately processes the money into your local bank account.
Step: Go to dashboard
Click on payment
Click payment
Input amount and enter account passcode (if you don’t have account passcode, click request passcode).

How Do I Create My Account?

Just click on the sign-up button on the homepage, input the simple details that the system requires of you, please do ascertain to input your name as you presented on your valid means of identification in your country

Can A Next Of Kin Access My Investment At Provest?

Yes, complete your profile on your dashboard and input the details of your next of kin.

What Kind Of Updates Will I Get From The Company?

You will get updates when the company sets new percentage return as the previous week activities suggest, more updates or notifications as ROI accrues to your investment portfolio, you will also receive notifications on referral commissions payment.

What Does Investment Portfolio Mean?

The investment portfolio is your investment package on provest, there are different types of portfolios available, depending on individual investment capacity. You can create multiple investment portfolios and manage your portfolios within one account.

What Are The Tax Implications Of This Investment?

Owners of portfolios in provest are advised to adhere to the income tax regulations that obtains in their state.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted By Provest?

You can buy E-wallet directly from your account dashboard with your debit cards; and you can also make payments to the company directly by making a direct transfer from your bank account to the company’s bank account.

Can I Refer People To Invest In Provest?

Yes, you can refer those that you want to be empowered financially before the limit of six thousand micro investors is reached - at which point referrals would have stopped, investors will only be earning ROI.

How Do I Calculate Compound Interest?

Your dashboard has an inbuilt calculator, in the invest box merely input a sample principal investment figure the calculator will show you the compounded result. Kindly observe the disclaimer on the calculator, as the current percentage for your ROI is duly stated in the company’s PDF

Why Is There A Maturity Waiting Period?

Because provest needs time to plug in your funds (principal investment) into investment projects. There is a maturity period of twenty (20) days which is how long it takes to integrate your funds into new or existing projects before your Principal investment starts to yield returns.

How Is Provest Different From Other Investment Platforms?

Provest is different from other investments platform in more ways than one
1. This is the first time that individuals will have specific information about what their investment funds go into, meaning that investors will be able to see physical landed structures that are yielding the ROIs they claim.
2. Provestors are protected from loss in lots of ways including choice of partners, choice of investments, insurance and protection from loss of capital.
3. Consequently, Provestors will be able to use returns on their investment to pay for everyday needs right on the platform; you can use your ROI to pay fees, bills, buy airtime, pay cable TV subscriptions and more.

Is there a cap on the number of investors that will be allowed on the platform?

Yes, there is a cap on the number of investors allowed on the provest platform for the following reasons:
1. Provest is not a Ponzi scheme, we do not pay one investor with another investor’s money, we are answerable to our investors.
2. We are aware of what our present capacity is.
3. Investor funds are put to great work.

Is The Money I Use In Purchasing E-Wallet Different From The One I’ll Use For Investment?

No. Because your money needs to be converted to electronic cash, that’s why you’re funding your E-wallet with the equivalent of your investment. Buying E-wallet requires you to make a payment, while acquiring an investment portfolio simply entails deducting the value of your investment from your already funded E-wallet.

How Experienced Are The Team Handling My Investment?

Provest leverages on over 45 years experience in Finance, Investment, Architecture, Building, Survey, Accounting and Marketing - all by a highly diversified team.

Can I Stop My Investment Before The End Of The Contract?

No. You cannot stop your investment before the end of the contractual period!

What Is The Actual Cap On This Round Of Provestment?

The maximum cap to the number of provestors on our platform is presently put at 6000; please note that Provest will not increase this cap, in clear terms Provest reserve the right to lower this set cap. Provest priority is to get ROI across to the provestors.

What Is The Best Way To Maximize The Provest Platform?

To maximize the platform invests all that you can; you can split your investment into two portfolios, one simple investment and one compounded investment. Open as many portfolios as you wish, and Refer as many people as you can (make 5% commission on their principal) doing this actively for six months has given some provestors more than 1800% returns on initial principal.

Why Does The Compounding Investor Stand A Chance Of Making More Money Than The Simple Investor?

This is so because the compounding investor makes both his Principal value investment and all of his Return on Investment available to work for him, while the simple investor will only have his Principal working for him

What Is The Minimum Amount I Can Withdraw?

The minimum amount that can be withdrawn on the provest platform is N5, 000 and all withdrawal attracts a 4% withdrawal charge flat rate which caters for bank charges and system maintenance.

How Am I Sure My Money Is Secured?

When transactions are made and investment accepted, Provestors are mailed an indemnity certificate. This certificate is our way of assuring you that regardless of what may happen, you can never your capital.

Can I make a transaction for another investor from my Account?

No you cannot. Make no third party have an access to your account.

Can I make transfer on behalf of another investor?

Yes, you can but adequate information must be provided either by raising a ticket or by reaching the support line.

Head Office

Our real estate investments cover Nigeria and some cities in West Africa, provestors can invest from any part of the world. Osogbo is our choice city to situate our head office for the following reasons, The city enjoys more electricity supply than most cities of Nigeria (up to 20 hours per day), cost of living and livelihood is very affordable. The city is a budding IT exporting city hence recurrent overhead expenses is minimal, this allows us proper and most profitable use of provesters’ money. [This guarantees that we do not have to spend any part provesters’ money on substantial recurrent expenditure]